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Oil immersed transformer

    < p > < a href = "https://baike.so.com/doc/4567162-4778156.html" "> < / a > distribution transformer for industrial and mining enterprises and civil building one of the important equipment in power supply and distribution system, It will be 10 (6) kV or 35 kV voltage drop to network users use 230/400 v < a href = "https://baike.so.com/doc/5408521-5646508.html" "> bus voltage < / a >. This type of product is suitable for ac 50(60)Hz, three-phase maximum rated capacity 2500kVA(single-phase maximum rated capacity 833kVA, Generally is not recommended to use the < a href = "https://baike.so.com/doc/6898257-7118918.html" "> single-phase transformer < / a >), can be used in indoor (outside), when capacity of 315 kva and below can be installed on the pole, environment temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, Not lower than -25℃, maximum daily average temperature 30℃, maximum annual average temperature 20℃, relative humidity not more than 90%(ambient temperature 25℃), < a href = "https://baike.so.com/doc/6806027-7022972.html" ">" altitude < / a > does not exceed 1000 m. If not in accordance with the above conditions of use, should be according to the relevant provisions of GB6450-86, appropriate quota adjustment.
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